Saturday, August 6, 2011

'Pieces of Summer' Camp Rocks!

YEStudio held their second Summer Camp of 2011. It featured giant puzzle pieces depicting a Music Theme. Each student picked their music genre and fashioned their pieces in the most delightful way!
Here are the pictures.... Enjoy!
Here's Adam with his Rap theme. It's Buck!
Clarice is a Pianist. What an awesome piece, Clarice!
Katie is a fan of the 80's. Totally awesome, Katie!
Country Music Rules, Right, Nicole? Good job!
Pop Music! We love it, Kassidi
Ashley's Hip Hop piece is awesome!
These are such wonderful pieces! The YES Summer Camp Kids ROCK! We have already planned next summer's camp theme. Tune in later for that info. We have a very special project for Last Friday Art Walk in October. AND... there will be three Fantasy-of-Trees classes offered again this year.

2011 Fall Session starts in three days! Classes are filling up! For info, Go to:, Call:  865-607-4473, or Email: You're not too late to join Fall Session.

Tune in for pictures of our first Fall project in Charcoal... SWANS.
See you then!  ;-)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Summer in the City" camp showcases favorite cities!

This June, several young artists, some new and some from YEStudio, gathered to depict their favorite city in a collage. The base was a large canvas. Acrylic paint was used for the background. The mid-ground was a silhouette of the city skyline. The artists then fashioned their main focal point from clay, which they painted in acrylics. Their secondary focal point was done in pastels. Some colored pencil icons were added that just brought the particular city to mind. Bling was added to jazz it all up. The results were quite wonderful! Here they are...

Nicole's favorite city is Memphis, TN. Elvis and and his guitar are a huge part of Memphis history. The Pyramid is an important where art is exhibited and shows are held. The beautifully blinged-out bridge curves around to the foreground, showing great perspective! Her icon is the hat and glasses that represent the Blues in Memphis.
Kassidi would LOVE to visit New York! She dressed her windows with colorful lights. Her statue of the Lady Liberty stands out beautifully. The Chrysler Building, a graceful skyscraper, looms along the Big Apple skyline. Scooting along the road, you'll notice a Yellow Cab. What better representation of New York than a taxi? AND... it's a Prius to be green! Great work, Kassidi!
L.A. The City of Angels is Ashley's choice. She got the smog laden sky just right. Who doesn't recognize The HOLLYWOOD sign?  The street sign invites you to shop on Rodeo Drive! She added the palm trees to let you know that it's a sub-tropical climate. Nice job, Ashley!
Who doesn't love The Windy City? Chicago is represented with love by Sam, our newest YES-Kid. He visited there and had stories to tell going to the top of the Sears Tower. His clay rendition of the Picasso sculpture is terrific. The Field Museum stands as his secondary focal point, where he spent some time on his visit. He added a small boat putting along on Lake Michigan. Good work, Sam!
This concludes the Summer in the City camp pictures. We enjoyed having the camp. It was fun, educational and made us all want to travel!

The next Summer Camp at YEStudio is July 11-15th. It is called "Pieces of Summer". Large puzzle pieces are the canvas and 'Music by Genre' is the theme. Campers will choose a genre, such as; Rock, Country, Pop, Hip Hop, or Classical. Several mediums will be used, including clay, to create these collages. Sign up now, while spots are still available! Call:  865-607-4473. Or you can email: Camp is from 10:am to 12:noon. Hope to see you there!

Remember also that 2011 Fall Session begins on August 9th and 10th. It's our usual 12-week session, but will all new projects! Held at FAB's ArtSpace, 106 E. Braodway, Maryville, TN. there will be four classes from which to choose. Tuesdays at 3:15 and 4:30. & Wednesdays at 3:15 and 4:30. Get the spot you want early! Call:   865-607-4473....  OR email...

THIS JUST IN.....!  A brand new class is now being offered by Youthful Expressions Studio! It's for kids ages, 4-6, and is called YES Youngsters! The first 6-week session begins on Thursday, September 1st., from 3:30 to 4:15. The class instructor is Ms. Deede Edele.  It will be held at FAB's ArtSpace, 106 E. Broadway, Maryville, TN. So, if you have a 4-6 yr old that is showing artistic talent or interest, call or email to sign them up! -or- 865-607-4473.

Thanks for reading the blog! Join us and make comments! We enjoy keeping you 'in the know' with YEStudio! Take care, have a wonderful Summer and we'll see you soon.  ;-)

Friday, June 24, 2011

YES-Kids have Rhythm... In Layers!

The last project of the 2011 Spring Session has been completed and is hanging in the Blount County Library for the entire month of June. The show also features other wonderful works of art from the last three sessions. Watercolor Sea Turtles, Op Art Checker, Pastel Resist Landscapes, The Scream, in pastel, The Eagle Has Landed in colored pencil, Big Blue Marbles in watercolor pencil, Parrots in Watercolor, Grid Drawings in Colored Pencil, Acrylic Art in the Sky, and the Colored Pencil Trio, depicting the three styles of Realism, Surrealism and Abstract. It's an awesome show. You shouldn't miss it!
 Rhythm In Layers
These pieces of art are amazing and all come from the creative minds of Youthful Expressions Studio students! They were asked to choose a 'theme', then build up and out with it. We are amazed at the vast array of ideas and their innovation. Here are just a few of the results. :

Ashley did an Art theme. Good one!
Isabella did 'Sweets' as her theme.
Kassidi's theme was 'Ninja Star' Awesome!
Katie's theme depicted 'Storms'
Jonathan created a 'Landing Sight' Terrific!
Very 'Fishy' creation, Nicole!
'Stars and Swirls' by Kayla. Colorful!
Emma did a 'Patriotic' theme. Good work, Emma!
As usual, please go to to see all the Layers. There is no end to the variety of these pieces. Another very successful project at YEStudio! This was the final project for the 2011 Fall Session.

We have since had our 'Wrap' party, where the YES-kids fashioned signs using NEON clay on a black, palette background. That was lots of fun. The signs were then displayed in black light and were awesome! The YES-kids dined on pizza, cookies and juice to celebrate another artistic 12-week session.
'Peace Out' by Kassidi
YES-Kids attending 2011 Spring 'wrap' party!
Back to front: Nicole, Sarah, Ashley, Kassidi and Jonathan, Garrett, Lydia, Katie and Paige. Isabella, Katelyn, Kayla and Emma. Vanessa, Claire and Anna. Not present: Shaelyn, Courtney, Bella, Brana, Belle and Parker

Stay tuned for another post showing the first Summer Camp at YEStudio. Theme: Summer in the City. Amazing!

The second Summer Camp starts on July 11th. It runs for 5 days, 2 hours per day. This one is "Pieces of Summer" and promises to be very unique. Large puzzle pieces will be the canvas for a music genre theme. Themes such as: Pop Music, Classical Music, Country Music, Rap Music will be used. It's their choice! There is still room in the class. Call or email to join the class! or 865-607-4473. You can also go to for more details. See you in the next post!  ;-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

'Art in the Sky' in Acrylics brings beauty to the classroom skies!

At YEStudio, this session's project in Acrylic paint has produced very colorful and delightful art pieces. Colorful skies were painted onto canvas. Students were given a choice as to what to paint, cut out, raise to 3D, and place in their sky.

As you can see, the results are phenomenal! Kites, Hot Air Balloons, Birds, Butterflies and Moths make a nice variety of subjects.
Anna's Hot Air Balloons. Wow!
Ashley's Owls are delightful!
What wonderful Birds, Kassidi!
Katie's Dramatic Sky with Sweet Birds!
Kayla brought lovely Butterflies into the sky!
Awesome work, Parker. Great colors!
Kites make the sky even more beautiful, Isabella!
Lovely Hot Air Balloons, Bella!
Vanessa launched some cute Butterflies! Very good!
Shaelyn decided not to decide and did three themes!
Kassidi's evening sky with reflections in the water. Wow!
Flags in the air by Garrett. Nice!
As usual, there are many more Art in the Sky pieces that you can see on the YEStudio website. Just check there to see all of them. This has been a very educational and fun session! One more project to go. YES kids are now working on their 'Rhythm in Layers' sculptures. It's very exciting to see what they are doing

The 'wrap' party is on Wednesday, May 25th, at 6:00! We are looking forward to that!

Next on the agenda is Summer Camps at YEStudio. 'Summer in the City' camp opens on June 13th. It is a two-hour, five day camp. Starts at 10:am and ends at 12 noon. A snack will be provided. Students will depict their favorite city using several mediums to fill a large artist canvas. NOW is the time to sign up for this camp.

Next on the YEStudio camp calendar is "Pieces of Summer" It begins on July 11th and goes through July 15th. Another 5-day, 2-hour per day camp with a snack. ;-) This camp is an opportunity for students to do a collage on a giant puzzle piece that can be joined together with others. Music is the theme and this one should be lots of fun!

It won't be long until time for Fall Session at YEStudio. I will send out reminders. We expect record enrollment this time. Please get your spot saved! Just go to the website or call/email us at 865-607-4473 or for more information.

Until next time, when I will showcase the 'Rhythm in Layers' sculptures, have a great beginning of summer! Stay cool. ;-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

They were right... Good things DO come in threes! The Colored Pencil Trio Project.

Just look at the wonderful 'Trios'! The first one in each set depicts the YES-Kids' version of Realism. The second piece is Surrealism and the third is... you guessed it, Abstract. The students did a very good job with this and were really 'into' it. They were allowed to choose from many subjects. The students were given a tour of ArtSpace gallery to show them the different concepts relating to Realism, Surrealism and Abstractism. They are all so eager to learn and to put their newfound knowledge into action. See what  you think.
Sarah's Tropical Bird. Great work, Sarah!

Garrett's Frog. Good color saturation, Garrett!
Paige's Backyard Bird. Wow!

Kassidi's Clown Fish. Lovely, colorful work, Kassidi!
Parker did a cool green Lime. Nice work, Parker!
Bella did a Tropical Fish. Really good, Bella!
Emma's Tropical Fish is very good and very colorful!
This Colorful Fish is very good. Nice work, Belle!
Owls got all funky in Kassidi's hands. So very cool!
Katie's Toucan is so colorful and very lively. Good job, Katie!
These are just a few of the 'Colored Pencil Trio' pieces. Of course, you can see the rest on our website. Please visit often to see what the YES-Kids are doing. Next project: Art in the Sky Acrylics.

YES-Youngsters begins their first class on Saturday, April 30th, at 10 am. This is something we have been asked to provide for a few years. We hope to have a good response.

On May 15th, the YEStudio 2nd Annual Chalk the Walk will be held at Founder's Square in Maryville. It promises to be a day of Family Fun, Sun, Colorful Chalky Art, Music, and good Food! The cost is only $2.00 per person. For this $2, you get the use of a box of Pastel Chalk and you are assigned a 3' by 3' square for your artwork, and a ticket for a discount on a meal at FAB's ArtSpace. Chalking starts at 10 am and ends at 5 pm. Judges will judge the three categories of artwork and prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in three age catagories. Ages 7-12, 13-16, and 17 and up. Awarding of prizes will be at 6 pm. A "Best of Show' will also be awarded.

Be sure to visit FAB's ArtSpace to cash in your discount ticket for a meal. In addition, exciting door prizes will be given away at FAB. See you there!

Summer Camps will be happening in June and July at FAB's ArtSpace. YEStudio is having three camps and there are several others. You can get more info about these by going to our website. You can even sign up for the camps there. The place for information on other classes this summer is:, There you will find an email address and phone number to contact. Lots of fun, educational art for kids and adults this year!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring has sprung at YEStudio.... Finally!!

Spring session is now in full swing and the YES-Kids are already into their second project of the session. These pictures are of the first project, the Pastel Resist Landscapes. Students were allowed to use their artistic license to make the landscape of their choice. We are very happy with the various results! Enjoy these pictures and remember, all the rest are/will be available on the website: Let us know what you think. You can join this blog as a 'follower' and leave comments if you wish. We have quite a few new students for this session and they are promising to be very good artists! Welcome new YES-Kids!

Anna's Pastel Resist...Good job, Anna!
Emma's Pastel Resist. Very nice work, Emma!
Very good landscape, Isabella!
Katie's Pastel work. Nice perspective, Katie!
Lily's water scene in Pastel Resist. Very good, Lily!
Vanessa did a colorful playground. Good work, Vanessa!
Pastel resist is done using glue to outline the drawing, then using pastels to place the colors into the scene. This lesson taught about perspective in background, middle-ground and foreground. Analogous colors and complimentary colors were also explained.

Next on the schedule is a gorgeous parrot done in Watercolor Pencils. They are having a lot of fun with this one! Please check back often to see the results!

Plan to be present at the 3rd Annual Fine Arts Blount Kite Festival on April 10, from 10 am, to 4:30 pm. Bring your lawn chairs and spend the day enjoying the sun and fun. Register to design and/or fly your own special kite. Open to all ages. Kite designing, kite flying, food, music, games and competitions will be happening all day. This is a very special family event! You won't want to miss it.
See you there!  ;-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trees of Life and Some Awesome Stocking Sculptures!

Our YES-Kids have been turning out some remarkable pieces of art. They finished up the Winter Session, 2010-11, in great style.
The Trees of Life, on canvas board using acrylic paint, gave them the opportunity to use their artistic license and imaginations. The original Tree of Life painting, by Gustav Klimt, was their inspiration and it's amazing what they produced! You can see the rest of them at
Butterflies on the Tree of Life. Nice, Kassidi!
Konner's Tree of Life is his video game tree!
Kevin appreciates chocolate in his life!
A shoe tree! Very good idea Courtney!
Lovely expression of decor, Kelsey!
Shaelyn's polka dots in the tree of life.
This final sculpture project for the Winter Session... is one of my favorite to date. The YES-Kids did sculptures from a block of wood, a knee-high hose, and a hanger. They used glue to make it a pallet and acrylic paints to design the shape they fashioned from the wire and hose. Amazing and wonderful!
Beautiful abstract sculpture, Bella!
Very 'heart'felt, Taylor! Love it!
Very imaginative and colorful, Nicole!
Very well done, Kayla. Love the duck!
Wicked 'Tornado Ted', Jonathan!
Jenna preferred the 'splatter' method. Nice!
It's a tropical bird! Wonderful, Brana! 
Jack Brovo rendition by Garrett. Good work!
All the YES-Kids did excellent work on these projects. All their work can be seen on I am still taking pictures of some of the sculptures. Be sure to check back for the results!

We are into the 2011 Spring Session and the YES-Kids are doing Pastel Resist Landscapes in their own designs. Should be fun! They love working with glue. We have a lot of new YES-Kids for this session. And many of our regulars are back as well. Some of them are playing sports this Spring and hopefully, will be back in the Fall.

Several exciting and fun Summer Camps are planned at FAB's ArtSpace again this year. Here is a brief line-up for those.
YEStudio's 5-day camp 'Art in the City' collage. June 13-17.
FAB's 'Picture Me'Writing a Book. June 27-30
YEStudio's 5-day camp "Vacation To Remember" collage. July 11-15.
Call Cindy at 865-607-4473 or email
See you next time!  ;-)